Google Apps Design Update Rolling Out For Good

Google is releasing a permanent new look for anyone that uses Google Apps, that means you, Gmail users. For better or for worse, you may have already noticed this transition take place – especially on the homepage.

Previously, you may have seen the black navigation bar at the top of your browser window, which Google has now removed. In it’s place you will find a chunk of gray colored area reserved for search, dropdown navigation and your Google profile (including Google Plus) integration. Below that lies in store the redesign of the apps you know and love, including Gmail, Calender, Docs and Sites. But don’t fret – Google’s come a long way with their redesigns since the day their search engine was born. Most notably, the recent changes to Google Analytics were phenomenal.
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Google’s Trendy New Analytics

There comes a tool in every Online Business’ arsenal that fully perpetuates their most organized online marketing strategies.  In our case, we start and end our day with Google Analytics.

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Site Updates: Aesthetics

The site has undergone several more changes. Special Thanks to John Michaels who worked on some of the graphics and 3D Art. Thanks John!

You can find more of John’s work at Behance.
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Tying Up Loose Ends

Detail of the National Grand Theatre in Beijin...The site design is well on it’s way to fruition. There are still some graphical enhancements that need to be done but I think the next stage can now be realized. I will be looking for help soon and along with that a Contact Us link will go up.

Thank You for your patience – we are almost there!

We’re in Beta Stages Now

Incoming transmissionI’d say the initial release for is so far 40% 30% complete. Some graphical enhancements and interesting content updates are soon to come. Stay with us!

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